This couple's Sexual Relationship might need some work ...

Photo by CC user Skedonk on Flickr

Sexual relations are never quite as easy as some people may make them out to be.

On the one hand, some individuals/couples find their sexual relations to be all but perfect.

On the other side of the coin, some individuals/couples find nothing but frustration in their sexual relations, almost getting to or even reaching giving up.

If you are in the latter group, what are you doing specifically to make things better?

Talk and Action Both Go a Long Way

For your sexual relations to improve sooner rather than later there are a number of steps you can put into place to do just that.

These include:

      • Talk – Nothing usually works better than talking things over. Come to an understanding (or at least as close to one as possible) on why your sexual relations haven’t been work, what you can do to change this, and how to make the change or changes long-term, not just for a short period of time. The most important part of the talking solution is being good listeners. Both partners certainly should their perspectives, but listening to one another is crucial. If all that happens is shouting, moping, shutting the other person out, there is little chance of success. Finally, don’t be afraid to seek sexual counseling if need be. Some partners are embarrassed to seek help, but oftentimes having that third person in the room can make a big difference. Yes, you will spend some money for such counseling, but you both may find over time that it was some of the best money you could have ever invested in your relationship;


      • Agreement – Along with talking things through, it is important that both parties are on the same page in the bedroom. Whether it is the topic of using condoms, one person being the more dominant of the partnership or getting away from the normal routine, there are many things to come to an agreement on. The biggest thing is to agree not to disagree. Remember, there was probably a disagreement or two along the way that got your sexual relationship out of whack to begin with. When both sides agree to work together on improving their intimate times together, the possibilities are oftentimes endless. Lastly, make sure you have an open mind to finding the solution or solutions to the problem. In the end, getting both partners happy about where their sexual relationship is should always be the goal


      • Variety – How many times have one or both of you said that your sexual encounters have become downright dull? Unfortunately, it happens more times than not in bedrooms all across the nation. In order to spice things up a little bit, do the occasional weekend getaway. Heck, even a one-night getaway to a nice area hotel can put some spark back in the sexual part of the relationship. Just as if you were to eat the same thing day after day for breakfast, your sexual relations need to have a charge put into them from time to time. This does not mean that you have to spend money wildly, just put aside a few dollars for a nice romantic evening out or a weekend where just the two of you can get away for a bit. For those with kids, this becomes even more critical, so don’t be afraid to call on a babysitter or have another parent who you are friends with watch their kids and yours for an evening or weekend. With a little variety injected into your sex life, you might see things turn around quicker than you might have thought possible.


One of the hot-button issues in relationship can be sexual relations.

While one of the partners may feel like things are just fine or even satisfactory, the other can see things in a totally different light.

In order for both parties to come together and enjoy everything that a healthy sexual relationship can provide, being honest with one another, being open to new experiences, and being able to talk and listen to each other proves critical.

So, is your sexual relationship as healthy as it can be?

If not, start working on it today.