There is no doubt about the fact that businesses could not have survived the last 12 months had it not been for remote working. This has enabled people to stay sane at home and continue doing their job, at least for many people it has. Beyond this remote working has been crucially important for employers and making sure that they have been able to keep their staff and stay in business.

What we are now seeing, even as offices once again open up, is a huge upsurge in those looking to work remotely. Companies like Shift Smart which connects workers to companies have seen more people looking to use their service than ever before. There is no doubt that remote working is the new normal in many spaces, but here is why it will not be as dominant as you may believe.

Traditional Beliefs

There are many business owners and employees who are just not ready to yet adopt this new way of working. We have seen this before with new technological advancements and that is why this will again be the case with remote working. There will be some who see the benefits of course, but in the main we simply won’t see everyone jumping on board.

Hands on Deck

Another clear reason why the entire world will not be working from home is that there are so many industries, jobs and sectors which depend so much on people being actually there in the flesh. In fact until the robots takeover as so many think that they will, these industries and these sectors are going to still need people working with their hands, and that counts for an enormous percentage of the workforce.

Employee Choice

It is not just employers who will not want to make the change, there are many employees who also want to work under the same conditions as they once have done. These people like getting out of the house and working with colleagues, they enjoy the conditions of their job. There is much to be said for working with a lot of other people and the inclusivity which that brings, this is what people are looking for and it is why they will not go remote.

Issues Around Tech

Whilst we are in a position in so much of the world where we have incredible technology and software, this does not exist everywhere. There are so many areas around the world where they have slow internet or they don’t have the access to the high level software which others do, this is why we will not end up seeing remote working all over the world.

There is no doubt whatsoever that we are going to see remote working takeover many areas of the globe. There are simply too many benefits for this not to happen, the reality however is that it will not become the dominant force in the workplace, at least not all of them.