According to Psychology Today, research has suggested that CBN can act as a strong sedative and prolong sleep time. It is available as CBD vape oil tincture for sale, meant specifically for the purpose. However, the data on the subject is hard to gather and understand as whatever has been disclosed about CBN, and its link to sleep is spread out across various journals and papers. This article will summarize all that is known about CBN and how it is used to aid sleep. This compilation of information can help you make an informed decision about whether you want to make CBN a part of your night routine by providing an in-depth insight into the usage and impacts of the product.

CBN is the abbreviated form of cannabinol, a relatively mild psychoactive component derived from cannabis. Like other substances derived from the cannabis plant, it has medicinal properties and helps aid various ailments like sleeplessness and exhaustion. 

CBN interacts with the endocannabinoid system in the body to affect hormones and the neurological system, which work following factors like energy and sleep. It has become a popular replacement for allopathic medicines as it does not have any side effects. It has also gained a lot of attention and popularity from experts and users. 


CBN comes in the form of oil mixed with CBD oil to enhance its impact. Though CBN is much more effective in the treatment of sleep disorders when compared to CBD, combining the two allows the sleep-inducing properties of CBD to merge with those of CBN. The concoction is available in a glass bottle to avoid any chemical reaction with the material of the container. It is equipped with a dropper, so the product does not get compromised due to exposure.

How Much Cbn You Should Consume For Sleep

Surprisingly, there is no prescribed dosage for the consumption of CBD+CBN oil for sleep! Brands differ in CBD and CBN they offer in their products, making the dosage also vary. Moreover, there is no set amount of CBD or CBN that we can prescribe as people differ in how tolerant they are and what works for them. The best way to understand how much oil you should consume to induce sleep is through trial and error – start with a low percentage of cannabinoids and work your way up. Research and user testimonials have revealed that we can achieve the desired effects of the oil anywhere between 4-66 mg of product, which leaves a lot of room for experimentation. 

The higher the percentage of cannabinoids, the less time for the oil to take effect. If you start with a small dose, consume the product at least an hour or two before you wish to see it take effect, as oral ingestion of a CBD or CBN oil leads to a slow onset of effects. That, however, also depends on the percentage of CBD or CBN present in the product. Maybe this is a factor you could keep in mind while choosing a product if you have a tight schedule and might not be able to keep track of time.

The Various Benefits Of Cbn Consumption

  • SLEEP – As we have already discovered, CBN has proven to be effective in treating insomnia as it induces sleep by causing relaxation. When taken in conjunction with CBD, the impact of CBN increases even more. 
  • PAIN RELIEF – Researchers have found that CBN is effective in relieving pain; the combination of CBD and CBN is even more effective. 
  • ANTI-INFLAMMATORY EFFECTS – CBN can lead to reduced inflammation caused by illnesses like arthritis. 

While CBD and CBN are derived from the same plant and have similar effects – therefore working in conjunction – it is essential to keep in mind that they are two different substances and have different effects. Please be careful while deciding on which variant best suits your needs. 

According to a magazine named Healthline, it should be noted that while CBD can have some side effects such as nausea and diarrhea, there are no known side effects to CBN. As present in the CBD+CBN oil for sleep, a combination of the two has also proven to have no side-effects.

Things to consider while purchasing a product

While you are browsing the market for a CBD+CBN product to help you sleep or relax, it is vital to keep the following things in mind:

  • MEDICAL HISTORY – Even though there are no known side effects of a CBD+CBN oil for sleep, it is essential to consider your medical history while deciding on a product. The ingredients might contain some substances that you are to avoid or be mindful of. 
  • TOLERANCE – Cannabinoid, though safe and mild, is a psychoactive drug. It is essential to understand your body and its tolerance for such products. If you have used CBN or CBD products before, you can start with something a little more potent, while you should start with a bit of CBD or CBN if you are a new user. 
  • METHOD OF CONSUMPTION – While some people prefer to consume a CBD+CBN oil for sleep directly, some prefer to dilute it with some tea or water. Choose your method of consumption based on how impactful you want the oil to be. If you dilute it with water or tea, it might not be as effective as it would be when consumed undiluted. 

The Verdict

CBD+CBN oils are undoubtedly effective when it comes to treating issues like sleeplessness and exhaustion. If you are struggling with such problems, they are worth looking into – thousands of reviews and testimonials prove that you might find a solution. Moreover, with no side effects, you probably will not find a better solution to your problem. With increasing popularity and demand for such products, the market has rapidly expanded and made available various options, so there is something for everyone. All you have to do is understand your needs and find the right product for you; then, you can begin your journey to blissful sleep.