The story of the squatty potty is rather funny and gross. It is a story of how a family in Utah became a multimillionaire not because of gambling on slot sites or similar casinos or any other forms of jackpot wins, just because of the constipation problem of one of the members. The Edwards were a middle class family and were leading a normal, modest life. But, suddenly a miracle happened and everything changed for them since then.

How the company started

Bobby Edwards’ mother had a constipation problem. It was a very prevalent problem and nothing was working out well for them. Dramatically, squatting became the greatest remedy for this sick woman. The family doctor suggested that, the old woman use a squatting position while excretion. The father brought a small wooden stand which could be kept beneath the legs of the mother and she could have a perfect squatting position. After constant usage of this squatting technique, a miracle happened with the mother. The constipation problem literally vanished and everything came back to track. This really amazed the family and they started beating their heads into finding the benefits of squatting while excretion. They discovered that the tract becomes more straight while squatting. This aids in efficient removal of the bowels. The family was really baffled to know this and were eager to spread the word out and help out people. They started looking for the perfect stand that could help them in squatting but, nothing like this existed in the market. So, they decided, why not create one ourselves?! They used plastic to build cheaper stools for efficient squatting. They distributed these stools amongst relatives and friends and the responses were very positive. As, the father being a wise man, he decided to establish a business out of this, which could be a real innovation in the market and benefit to the customers. They started an e-commerce site with an investment of 35,000$. And, after that, there was constant earning!

Company’s achievements and success

The company was named after the term used for pot toilets and hole in the ground toilets in China. The name itself is very exciting and catchy. The father tried his best to market the product and gave many products for free to blog writers and reviewers to increase the fame of the product. Squatty potty was up and running since then. The real breakthrough came about when they were qualified for shark tank. The company sold a staggering amount of products just after their first appearance on TV. They also created an exciting ad video on youtube which has got a 100 million views on it. 

Earnings and net worth

The company made a turn over of 17000$ in the first year which was 2011. In 2015, the sales went at the zenith when the company made 19 million dollars. At the end of 2017, the company achieved the mark of 33 million dollars. The next goal is hitting 100 million dollars of sales.


Squatty potty is a great idea before a great company. It comes with all its health benefits which are crucial for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The company is a very practical one, and customers see discernible results after the usage. With a very modest team behind, the sole goal is helping people and enhancing their bathroom experience.