When my very good friend Stacey L Tokunaga and I began our soccer podcast earlier this year we spoke at length about how excited we both were about the prospect of what Tottenham Hotspur could do this season. At the time Stanley even pointed out their poor form which they had between January and the end of the season, but we were in agreement that given what Spurs had done to arrive in the Champions League final, and the investment which they made in the summer, that they would be quiet a force this season. Well, things didn’t work out as Stanley and I expected and after 11 games into the season Spurs sit in 11th place with just 13 points and 4 losses… the question is can they turn it around?

The Case To Say They Won’t

On this topic Stanley firmly believes that Spurs will not make top 4 this season and whilst he does concede that they will be able to turn their form around, he believes that they have already missed the boat. His reasons for this are simple, Leicester and Chelsea just look too good and are already miles ahead of Spurs in this race. Beyond this he believes that Spurs will continue to struggle away from home and the fear factor which they once had has completely gone. Teams know how to absorb the pressure Spurs put on and are all too aware of their defensive frailties. 

The Case to Say They Will 

I on the other hand am far more optimistic about Mauricio Pochettino and his team of stars and I believe that they will get over this troublesome hump. The reason for this is because the team is just filled with so much talent and players who don’t want to be there are no being left out of the team. The renewed fitness of Giovanni Lo Celso and Ryan Sessegnon will play a big part in this, so too will the fact that the brilliant Tanguy Ndombele is now really starting to find his feet in the Premier League. Son Heung Min looks as sharp as ever, Dele Alli los defiant in the wake of criticism and Harry Kane knows that he is falling behind the top goalscorers, something which he just won’t accept. 

Spurs had a difficult summer and despite bringing players in there was all kinds of issues around fitness and the lack of a pre-season for many. Spurs have a fit team now and one which is ready to take on the fight. What will help Spurs is that I don’t think Chelsea and Leicester will continue their sensational form until the end of the season, Arsenal are struggling and United are dead in the water, creating a perfect chance for Spurs to slip in at the last minute. It won’t be easy but I think they can do it. 

What do you think? Can Spurs dig themselves out of this hole?