Ever wondered whether a bachelor of business administration could breathe life into your long-term career aspirations like never before?

One of the biggest mistakes many future jobseekers make is that of selecting educational degree programmes that are too specifically focused. The simple fact of the matter being that the more specific and targeted your education, the narrower the scope when it comes to future career prospects.

Which is precisely why studying for a bachelor of business administration comes so highly recommended. As a relatively broad degree programme, business administration instils knowledge, talents and confidence that are applicable across almost every industry and sector without exception.

When it comes to both employment opportunities and keeping your options open, a bachelor of business administration can be uniquely beneficial.

Here’s a brief overview of just four of the many advantages of studying for a bachelor of business administration:

  1. A Stronger Salary

First of all, evidence would seem to suggest that those who enter into business-related careers with applicable qualifications like a business administration BA benefit from stronger starting salaries and much greater room for growth. These being the kinds of qualifications employers generally hold in the highest possible regard.

  1. Business Administration Is in High Demand

Speaking of which, the fact that a bachelor of business administration combines so many disciplines and key knowledge areas makes it one of the most in-demand qualifications across a variety of industries.  From marketing to finance to advertising to public relations and so many more besides, a bachelor of business administration can make you a significantly more attractive prospect in the eyes of employers.

  1. Versatility and Scope

Whether looking to continue your studies up to MBA level, secure employment with an established organisation or pursue your dreams of business establishment and ownership, studying for a bachelor of business administration can help make it happen. A uniquely flexible and versatile degree program with limitless scope.

  1. On-going Relevance

Last but not least, it goes without saying that organisations on a global basis will always require the skills, knowledge and confidence of those who possess high-quality bachelor of business administration qualifications. Which means that while other degree programmes and educational opportunities may occasionally waiver in terms of value and relevance, this is one example that could not be more secure for the long-term.

Delivery Modes…

Another reason to consider studying for a bachelor of business administration is the way in which some of the country’s most dynamic and innovative colleges now offer the most advanced online degree programmes to date. One example being Yorkville University, where both online and on-campus programs are available for those interested in improving and enhancing their career prospects.

Those who simply do not have the time or resources at their disposal to commit to fulltime education now have every opportunity to better themselves and their career prospects, in their own time and at their own pace. Which means that if all that stands between you and the career of your dreams is a quality bachelor of business administration, there’s never been a better time to reach out and take it.