Throughout the past couple of years, research and development have made huge leaps in the progress of technology and this benefits all. Why? Do you ask? because several of these developments concern aspects of research that are not confined to just one branch. One piece of research progress means the necessary missing piece of tech for another. To give you a bit of an idea as to what this could mean for our society on a global scale. We’ve set aside 4 pieces of technology that have improved over the last years.


Samplers are used in many different ways, most commonly known in laboratories and hospitals, for example, to test dried blood spots for any faults or deviancy. One aspect of this is loop injection via the means of a high-pressure dispenser and mini-pump built into the sampler during desorption of a blood spot. This method provides the best overall precision and accuracy. However, Samplers are used for more than blood. This equipment has the capacity to research the liquids provided, giving you a detailed report on its contents and structure. One example of this would be the bio-industry, to be able to develop better and healthier food, we need to better preserve our resources or be able to dissect them to create them ourselves. Samplers are an innovative method of researching the integrity of the (dried) liquid you wish to observe.

Mass spectrometry

The second example is that of Spectrometers. Spectroscopy is the measurement of light intensity through the use of infrared wavelengths. It shows the absorption capacity and the emission of light by particles. This concerns multiple applications like electromagnetic radiation, concentration and colour measurements. One such company that produces these is Avantes. An example of a company that also provides software that helps you makes sense of the collected data and provided analyses. One great aspect of where these machines are used is in chemistry. To study chemicals and their chemical reactions. Researchers can figure out why these reactions occur and how these can be modified.

Artificial Intelligence

AI, if not one of the most commonly known advances in technology. Artificial Intelligence is a piece of technology many companies want to get their hands on and perfect. the ability for a machine or program to not only think for itself but to grow with the experiences it gets. Is to better understand the technology and make full use of its capabilities as it will reduce the necessary capacity needed by having an automated program or machines do the task in the most efficient manner.

Artificial Farming

Another piece of artificial tech is artificial farming. Especially with the space race happening in the past years, the ability to grow food ourselves without the necessary requirements of nature. Though not just for our survival in space, but also our survival on earth, researchers are constantly trying to find ways to create food ourselves as the lands we use nowadays are getting scarce.

These above-mentioned examples are not standalone. Each of these technology masterpieces can be used as complementary Artificial Intelligence used for farming or research. Sampling to determine the quality of artificially made food. The list of possibilities goes on.