The festive season is around the corner once again. It’s time for cheer, joy and laughter. But before that, you have one huge task to take care of – choosing the corporate gifts you will be sending out to your clients, partners and staff. Well, you could just pick anything and hope that your stakeholders would like it. But if you are really looking to stand apart and be remembered for your gifts, you will have to put in some thought.

Corporate gifts are more than just a gesture of thankfulness and gratitude. They are a way of building reputation and goodwill with the people that matter to your business. So if you are looking to build lasting relationships, you must make sure that your corporate gifts are treasured by people for years to come.

Yes, it’s a daunting task choosing the right gifts, but we’re here to help you. Here are some corporate gifting tips that will make you the talk of the town this festive season.

What to focus on

To make sure that your corporate gifting plan works out well, there are some things you need to take care of first.

Take your time to plan

First things first, you need enough time to plan things. Don’t wait for the last-minute Christmas rush to decide what you want and shop for them. These last-minute decisions may work for personal gifts but corporate gifts, being a bulk buying affair, need more thought.

The markets would be super busy right before Christmas, which means the things you want could go out of stock, or you would have to wait longer to get things delivered. Your whole plan could go haywire. So, start brainstorming right away and take your time to decide peacefully.

Make it feel personal

The problem with corporate gifting, in most cases, is that they fail to connect with the recipient. They feel too generic and are usually not aimed at making the person receiving them feel special. That’s because most businesses only see this as a formality they need to fulfil.

Your gifts will be remembered only if they feel personal and thoughtful. So make sure to choose items that your recipients would love to receive. If you have very few people to send out gifts to, you could even let them choose from a few options.

But if the list of recipients is long or you simply want to keep that element of surprise in your gifts, choose your gifts wisely. For instance, if you are gifting a self-care package, add items for both men and women so a spouse or a partner could also use them. Or, if you are gifting something from food and drinks, send an assortment of flavours or types, such as an assortment of cocktails that has something for everyone.

Thinking of family and friends when gifting to your stakeholders will make gifts feel more personal.

Another thing that makes gifts personal is a thank you note. Add a note with your gift thanking your clients, partners and employees for their valuable contribution to the company. This is sure to touch their hearts.

Choose gifts that deliver an important message or support a cause

Corporate gifting today is more than just celebrating the year that went by or the year that’s coming ahead. It is also an opportunity for companies to reflect on the social and environmental causes they stand by. Sending out gifts that advocate and support these causes will not only spread awareness but also encourage others to support such causes.

For instance, you could send out plant gifts that will remind people about planting more trees and preserving the greenery around them. In today’s climate crisis that the world is facing, this could be a very relevant gift with a strong message.

Do not be too promotional with your gifts

We know it is tempting to make the best of this opportunity to promote your products or services. But trust us, gifting is best done without promotions. Avoid adding a catalogue of your products or an offer flyer within your corporate gift package. People will see this as a way of advertising, and it will take away from the actual gift that you’re sending with so much love and care.

The best you can do is add a sample of your product along with the other gifts or add a business card with your contact details where necessary.

Summing up

Remember how you’d like to feel when you open a gift someone sends your way. People receiving your corporate gifts should feel the same way. Make it an experience to remember and cherish rather than a mere ritual. Finding the perfect corporate gifts in Melbourne won’t be much of a challenge if you know where to look.