Cats are amongst the most lovable animals on the planet. People love to play with them and love to have them as a pet in their houses. These little balls of furs are amazing enough to attract anyone towards themselves and they are irresistible to have. If you want to know more about them click here: Once you learn more about them you won’t be able to resist them anymore.

If you don’t know how a cat looks you can find a small creature with a tail, who walks on four hands and has special teeth and claws which are their means to protect themselves or help in hunting their food. They have a modeled style in walking and are mainly carnivorous animals. For a small creature like that, they are amazingly very powerful and have a good speed in movement. 

The dogs who have also become very popular in the zone of pet animals are perceived to be somewhat dependent on their masters or trainers but cats, on the other hand, are resilient and self-sufficient. 

They are capable enough to take care of themselves when their master is not around, and they are not the animals who can be dominated or mistreated because of the tendency to look after themselves. This is the determination you can see in other cat family animals as well.

The other types of cats which are considered to be wild and are not a great animal to have as pets and you can call them Carnivora. These are the meat-eating animals that are hugely dangerous like lions and leopards and they are one of the most deadly animals because of their self-sufficient tendency. These survival skills are the ones that make them live through tough times which other animals cannot. 

Cats’ existence on this planet can be traced way back to 5 million years ago. They were responsible for the evolution of mammals in a great part. And their association with humans can be traced back to the earliest civilizations. They had a major role in the religion of the people and the witchcraft of that time. 

Their traces can be found in the mummies which were of that period which establishes their connection with humans from that time. And from that time, we can say cats can be found with humans as their best companion everywhere. Even doctors certify that and say that their pur makes humans happy and reduces the chances of high blood pressure and other heart diseases.

There are a zillion breeds of these lovely animals which are adored all over the world and kept as pets as well. If you wish to keep them as a pet you can check sites such as Holistapet and know more about various breeds and what is a good option to purchase for yourself. You can also go forward and adopt some stray cats once you get them vaccinated properly for your good. 

After that, play along with them as much as you can because they are going to become your favorite companion. 

A normal cat can weigh anywhere from 6 to 10 pounds and a non-pedigreed cat can weigh up to 28 pounds easily. The length of these creatures can depend on gender and it can be 28 inches for males and 20 inches for females. 

Their skin has a beautiful coat and fur which makes them fight cold and allergies. They might be small, but they can scare anyone with their special vicious hissing and claws and teeth making them your helper in times of need. 

They are very sharp and intelligent for an animal and adapt to the change quickly. They have a great ability to run and chase making them a fun thing to play with. They have a strongly built body which supports them to be flexible as much as they want and even protect themselves if they fall from a certain height.

Their flexibility makes them adjust anywhere with you and you can cuddle them to sleep with you. This is a sort of habit which you would not like to change, even if it means spoiling them a little. 

They have a beautiful shade of eye color which shines at night because of their retina and their sense of smell develops with time as they grow old but they love to eat fishes so you can find them easily around fishes. 

They love to be in your contact always and crave for it. They love when you scratch them behind their ears and under their chin. They have a very good sense of listening so they can follow the sound of your voice more quickly than any other pet.

They are exceptionally good with kids and they are lovable cute little things. They have their special way of making you realize they want your attention by using their body posture, their tail, and that special purr sound. If you wish to learn more about this then click here. And of course, their purr sound is the remark of their good mood and they reflect the mood they are in and also the means to show their pain. 

Unlike any other kind of pet, they like to stay clean and keep their surroundings that way and also keep themselves clean all the time with the help of their tongue. They are the cutest and one of the best things to have. If you live alone or just want someone to be by your side all the time, these are your things to have.