I am a firm believer that some people enter into our lives who have been sent to make us better and in my case that person is Michelle Marquez. I first met Michelle when we were studying law together at university and whilst our careers took different paths, she has constantly been an inspiration to me. After university I went into journalism and Michelle began working for a group which dealt with the stock market, managing exciting themes like arbitration, fraud and securities practices, exciting for some at least! To me Michelle has the skills which I believe could work for any profession and this is how she has reached the top of her game, if you want to get to the top of your industry or business, the skills which she possesses could certainly help you.


The first point to make is that Michelle adores what she does and in my view this is the absolutely vital foundation which everyone needs in order to find success. If you don’t have true passion for the work that you are doing then you will never be able to get to the top.

Team work

Michelle has the perfect understanding of a team and it’s components, as well as understanding fully what her role is in this team dynamic. Even back in university she would always be a great team member and as she has grown into her career, she now understands just what it takes to build a successful team. No matter what industry or business it is that you are working in, the ability to be a key member of a team and the skill of putting a great team of people together is greatly important.


We are often told that in order to grow, improve and climb the ladder that we must do so at the expense of others. The way that Michelle conducts herself however proves that this is not the case at all, in fact it has been her kindness and humility which has helped her to build relationships that have taken her to where she is today.


I would say that the greatest skill which Michelle possesses is her ability to focus when there is a project in hand. This may sound pretty basic but it is a skill which not too many of us possess. When there is a case or a project going on, Michelle puts her heart and soul into and completely shuts out any type of distraction, until the project is completed. We live in a world where it is very easy to become distracted which makes her ability to focus completely something that is even more impressive. When you focus in this way you are more likely to deliver a great result and far less likely to make mistakes, a skill which can help in any job or industry.