Thoughtful preparation and execution of a plan can make the difference between success and failure for any event, such as book premiers, trade shows, music launches or fundraisers, say experts at Print Banners, a leading banner printing services provider for step and repeat banners.

Here’s a look at some key things that should be considered while printing a step and repeat backdrop or banner.

  1. Resolution

Step and repeat signs are usually larger than other types of banners. Having distorted or pixelated print can make them appear tacky and give the wrong impression about your business. So, always pick graphics and images of the highest resolution possible.

  1. Material

The material used plays an important part in not just the appearance but also the durability of your banner. You can choose from  vinyl printing, fabric, mesh, and more, based on whether the banner will be used indoors or outdoors and the duration for which it will be used.

  1. Turnaround Time

Sometimes the process of planning and executing a banner can take weeks. You also need to account for the printing time and any mistakes that might need to be rectified. So, it becomes important that you plan as early as possible, to complete the project in time.

  1. Ink Quality

The services providing you step and repeat banner staples will also offer you choices in the quality of ink to be used for printing. Generally, printing services use four-color printers, which provide good quality print. But if you can get your step and repeat banner printing & banner stand done in six-colors printers, it will give you better print quality. The extra colors will ensure that the images pop. You can also avoid super-fast printers, since they are prone to banding, degrading the quality of the design.

  1. Flow of Traffic

If you are expecting a large number of attendees at your event, you may consider getting a longer and bigger step and repeat wall. It will provide enough space for attendees to get their pictures clicked and for your team to interact with the media. This will prevent a bottleneck at the entrance to your booth.

  1. Installation

Installation is another key aspect that doesn’t get as much attention as it deserves. If a banner is large, then you need to decide whether your team is capable of handling the task of installing the step and repeat backdrop on their own. If not, you can choose a service that provides step and repeat banner printing & banner stand installation as well.

  1. Logo

Logos are key to any trade show or event display. Your logo should be clearly visible from a distance and printed in top-notch quality. You could even choose to have your logo repeated in a pattern, making it pleasing to the eye.

Your aim, while attending a trade show, is to attract as much attention as possible. This can be accomplished with a well-designed booth and banners. So, make sure you give yourself enough time to plan and execute your exhibit well.