Whether you’re planning to travel with your colleagues to a business event in Paris, or you’re traveling for a wedding with many family members, there are some things you should know about charter bus companies in Paris, France.

That’s why we’ve decided to discuss the specs of a coach charter in Paris, the cost, and the benefits of coach transportation. These are the things you should know before deciding whether to travel regularly or charter.

Private Bus Paris Cost

Depending on the number of people and the route, a private bus in Paris can cost anywhere from €60 to €750. Of course, this largely depends on the type of bus rented. There are three different types of transport in charter fleets:

  • Van: A regular van has up to 7 seats and enough storage space for these seats assuming they travel with one hand luggage and one regular luggage piece. The average price for rental passenger vans is €60 per day.
  • Minibus: The minibus can accommodate up to 18 people, and the average price with driver service is €130 an hour. It’s still cheaper than a taxi service for that many people based on starting and kilometer fees.
  • Coach bus: Depending on the destination, a coach bus ticket can be anywhere between €20 and €120. The best thing about these is they can accommodate up to 50 passengers.

These prices are all approximate, and they vary according to charter bus companies in Paris. Some might be cheaper, and some more expensive. These are certainly a great choice for groups of five or more people.

Paris Coach Buses Specs

As we already mentioned, there are three types of services you can hire. You can hire a private bus, a minivan, or a passenger van. Hiring a private bus in Paris can have many advantages, but let’s discuss comfort first.

Coach Bus Specs

These types of services and companies usually keep all their equipment up to date. This means that their buses have enough storage for 50 hand luggage pieces, but they also have enough storage for 50 pieces of regular luggage.

Because of their modern equipment and functionality for short or long-distance travels, almost all coaches in Paris have radio systems, microphones, climate control, refrigerators, seats that can be reclined, and a fully functional toilet.

Minibus Specs

The minibus is recommended for a smaller group of people because up to 16 passengers can travel in it. There’s room for 13 hand luggage pieces, and there’s room for 13 regular luggage pieces.

The best thing is that they have the same equipment as the bus, the only difference is that they don’t have a toilet. Nevertheless, they have all the necessary safety specs such as speed limiters, ABS, etc.

Van Specs

Vans are for fewer people, they can fit up to 7 people, and there’s enough room for 7 pieces of hand luggage and 7 pieces of regular luggage. Usually, there’s no microphone in these, because you can address your fellow passengers directly.

If you want something more exclusive, you can always hire a luxury van. These are a bit more expensive, but they’re more comfortable, and traveling a long distance can be quite stressful and uncomfortable in regular modes of transfer.

Benefits of Coach Transportation in Paris

There are 5 main benefits of using services from companies like BCS Travel. First of all, Paris is becoming a very eco-friendly capital, and reducing the carbon footprint is trending. That’s why there are so many streets that are reserved for bikes. These are the other benefits:

  • Safer: Most capital cities in the world have difficulties with traffic, so did Paris, until they changed some streets into bike-only zones. Still, the safest way to travel is by bus, and you can avoid all the traffic because buses travel through separate lanes.
  • Cheaper: It’s a cheaper alternative to other modes of transport because we pay only once. For taxis, we would have to pay the starting fee, the kilometer fee, and if you’re polite, tip the driver.
  • Comfortable: It’s not as comfortable as having your chauffeur and a limo, but it is the most comfortable you can get for that price.
  • Plenty of storage: The best benefit is that there’s enough storage, and you don’t have to pack lightly when traveling by coach.


There you have it. You can pick from any of the three services, and it can be the one that fits your needs the best. The price differs according to what you’re looking for, but there are many benefits when you choose coach transportation in Paris.