As you do your homework and spend the required amount of time comparing several different iPhone betting apps to see just what several of them have on offer, in no time at all I am confident that you will find out that suits your perfectly.

Just be aware though that it is one thing finding a betting app to download install and then make use of it is quite another finding one that will offer you plenty of ways to lock in lots of additional betting value.

With that in mind below I shall be looking at a range of different iPhone sports betting apps features but also showcasing to you and introducing you to lots of ways to get extra betting value.

It does not matter what you enjoy betting on by way of sporting events, never be under the impression you will not be spoiled for choice when betting on an iPhone, as that will certainly not be the case. 

How to Instantly Find the Best Odds

You can often find different betting odds on offer to you at different betting sites and apps and trying to work out which betting app is offering the highest ones, well that will see you having to check each of them one by one.

That is, unless you make use of an odd comparison site, by accessing such a set you can enter the sporting event that you want to bet on, and it will then display the current live odds being offered by lots of different bookies and sportsbooks which will ensure you can instantly see which ones are indeed offering the highest odds.

Just make sure that you act quickly to secure those high odds as they can often vanish and be replaced by lower ones if you take too long to place your bet.

Always Read the Terms and Conditions of Free Bets 

Be careful when you are seeking out a betting app at which to place bets and wagers at, for you are going to find what may on first sight to be some extremely generous bonuses and free bets and they could lure you into signing up to those apps.

There will be some very stringent terms and conditions associated with any free bets or bonuses that you claim and make use of and as such read them through for ultimately you may just discover that they are not as generous as they may first have appeared, so keep that in mind.

Legally Taking Bets from Other Sports Fans with an iPhone App 

As you start hunting around for a betting app to download onto your iPhone, you are going to find some rather unique ones available, and if you stumble across a betting exchange app then be aware they are going to be appealing to many of you sports bettors out there that have always wanted to become a bookie.

Those apps are simply peer to peer betting platforms that instead of allowing you to place bets via your iPhone with a traditional sportsbook, you will be placing bets with fellow sports bettors, and it will be them you place your bets with.

However, that does of course mean that if you would much prefer to lay bets off other sports bettors, you can do just that, so in effect you are becoming a bookie and will be in control of which bets you take, the odds you offer and your liabilities of those bets you take too.

The operator of the betting exchange handles all of the finances, so they instantly pay you out your winnings if you placed a winning bet once the sporting event you placed a winning bet on ends and the result is declared, or they send you over the stakes of users who placed a bet with you if those bets lost for those users, in both instances they charge a small nominal fee for their services.