Everyone has their own personality traits that make them who they are. While some people might be more bubbly, others might be reserved in the way that they act. Finding the right scent for yourself can be difficult but one of the best ways to do it is to choose a fragrance that suits your personality.

Here, we are going to give you some tips on how to choose a fragrance for your personality. Keep reading to find out more.


If you find yourself as someone who loves romance and being in love, then you should use this to find your signature scent. For the romantics out there, we suggest that you look for scents that have floral essences and gentle passionate scents. Many people believe that floral scents remind us of childhood which is comforting and can work well for those who are feeling romantic.


Another personality trait that many people have is the mysterious trait which is often quite intriguing. For those with this type of personality, we suggest that you choose a complex scent like bergamot, rose, oak moss and jasmine. Maple Prime’s discount fragrance section would be the perfect place to find some mysterious scents to suit your personality.

Strong Yet Sensitive

We know that there are also plenty of you who consider your personality to be strong yet sensitive and there are plenty of scents that would be perfect for you. Think about choosing a fragrance with some tobacco, birch and honey aromatic notes as these can help to enhance the personality that you already have.


For those who consider themselves refined in the way that they conduct themselves, there are some fragrance notes to consider choosing. For this type of personality, we recommend scents of vetiver, cedar and sandalwood as they can help to give off this refined scent. These scents smell similar to the forest and can be reminiscent and refined.


The final personality type that you might consider yourself to have is the passionate or seductress type. For those with this type of personality, we suggest that you choose some oriental scents that include vanilla, coriander or cinnamon. This scent is also great for those who like to get out and have an adventure and it can be a great smelling combination.

Final Verdict

Regardless of what sort of personality you have, you should be able to find the perfect scent that matches the feeling that you give off. If you consider yourself to have any of these personality traits, make sure to think carefully about the advice that we have given you. If you are a romantic individual, think about choosing some floral tones or stick to the cedar scents for those with refined personalities.

Follow our advice and you should be able to find the perfect scent for your personality. Most fragrances should state the different scents that make up the overall smell so make sure to have a look this before purchasing.