It’s no secret: millennials love traveling. According to the stats, millennials tend to travel more than non-millennial counterparts. But what makes them travel more? Why do they embrace this modern-day traveling experience? Well, millennials are so much into technology. With the emergence of Instagram, travel booking apps, as well as artificial intelligence, it seems that these generation travels will continue. That’s why travel companies should strive to satisfy their travel needs. Among other things, understanding millennials travel trends will help you get noticed by businesses. Here are top millennials travel trends you should familiarize yourself with.

Understanding Millennial Travelers

Millennials, also known as Generation Y or Gen Y, represent a group of people who were born between the years 1980 and 1999. These classes of people are regarded as tech-savvy and are well connected with others around the world. They leverage on social media to interact, which at times may be to their own demise. They are independent and love trying new things. Plus, they will use the slightest opportunity to visit new places and have a great travel experience.

Gen Y doesn’t love spending on luxury. Instead, they prefer traveling for meaning and experience. That’s why they always want a meaning out of any place they visit. They want a taste of new culture, its people and even food. Being workaholics, crazy shopaholics, as well as seasoned revelers, these people love enjoying life to the fullest whenever an opportunity strikes. Most of them travel to have a great adventure and make more money.  Millennials love employers who are willing to give them travel freedom.

How They Include the Travel Industry

Most of the buying decisions of millennials are influenced by technology. In most cases, they will base their decisions on cost, nature of experience, etc. They prefer spending more on comfort, convenience, and adventure rather than a luxury. A typical Gen Y will take a vacation of around 30-34 days per year. They are not so conservative about the budget. However, they love spending wisely. When they earn handsomely, they will quickly think about traveling to have new experiences and explore new destinations. That’s why hotels should focus on these trends. So, if you are running a travel company, learn about the millennials travel. They will help you get more clients among the millennials.

They Love Travelling With a Reason

It’s a fact; millennials grew up during the social, political as well as cultural upheaval. They witnessed the world recession, experienced world terrorism, and felt the effects of climate change. That’s why millennials tend to do things with a purpose. This is because they are informed about world happenings. No wonder they love traveling with a purpose.

They Prefer Sustainable Travel

Another big trend when it comes to millennials is sustainable travel. Also, known as eco-tourism, sustainable travel involves travel that is aimed at promoting global climate sustainability. That’s why all parties involved in travel—including planes, trains, as well as automobiles—should enact eco-friendly options when it comes to travel. As a vacation service provider, design your products to promote sustainable travel.

They Love Mini Trips

The truth is that millennials love traveling. Their addiction to traveling makes them want to see the world using the slightest opportunity. That’s why they are even willing to take mini trips. Defined as three to five days trips, mini trips offer an excellent opportunity for millennials to maximize their weekends and have a lot of travel experiences.  According to experts, millennials will use the slightest opportunity to travel or see the world. This not only affects booking trends but also how airlines operate. If you are a travel service provider, design your products around this trend. It will bring you real results.

Cash-Less Travel

Millennials love doing things that are inspired by technology. They don’t want to be nagged while on a vacation. That’s why they hate cash-based tractions. They love cash-free things. They don’t like being milked by taxi drivers who want cash. They want technology to take center stage when it comes to making transactions. To them, the future is based on cashless solutions. In fact, they would prefer a world without any local currency. No wonder they are seen as the greatest pioneers of the cashless movement.

They Invest In Experiences

Of course, millennials love traveling. They treasure seeing the world. They will spend an extra coin for comfort and convenience. However, that doesn’t mean that they are willing to spend their hard-earned cash without protocols. That’s why they prefer experience-driven travel to those high ticked based options. They hate spending money on luxurious travel accessories such as designer bags, expensive dinners, high-end jewelry, etc. In a nutshell, millennials will invest to experience a new culture than going to expensive shopping.

Digital Nomads

According to experts, millennials are poised to transform the travel and vacation industry. In fact, the industry is likely to hire people on a full-time basis; thanks to the millennials. According to the stats, the world has more than 4.8 million digital nomad people. That’s why long term based booking sites are reaping high and are increasingly becoming a darling to many. Even more, cafes are quickly embracing culture in their catering services and experiences. Still more, travel experts are coming up with coworking spots. This is likely to completely revolutionize the travel industry.

Solo Travelers

The world is witnessing more and more millennials embrace transformative travelers. That’s why many millennials love traveling solo. Plus, industry experts have realized the benefits of this trend in millennials. In their products, you will see solo travel features. Millennials love using technology to interact with other travelers. That’s why they use social networks to interact with fellow travelers. No wonder sites such as Tinder and Bubble BFF are increasingly becoming popular among millennials.

The Bottom-Line

It’s a fact: millennials love all things traveling. They spend a lot of money moving around the world. According to the stats, they love experiencing new cultures and discovering places. That’s why you should understand millennials traveling habits. The above are common travel trends by millennials.