Owners of businesses that count truck drivers as their employees, must take the right steps to protect their drivers as best as possible. Throughout the years it has been no secret that truck drivers have been working incredibly long hours and driving great distances, something which can be greatly detrimental to their health. Many law changes have come into place to protect these truck drivers, and as a business owner it is vital that you adhere to the letter of the law, for the safety of your drivers, other road users, and to best protect your business from a legal standpoint.

I was speaking to a Los Angeles truck lawyer last week, who had an interesting take on how to best protect your drivers, and here is what you should be looking at doing for your employees.

Securing the Cabs

Truck drivers are very often at risks from thieves who see their truck as having the potential to be carrying just about everything. This means that, regardless of whether the cab is full of cargo or not, they can be prone to attacks such as this. Given that truck drivers travel long distances and often stay in the cab, it is essential that you ensure that all of the security features on the truck are in place and up to date.

Heightened Processes

Not all truck drivers believe that the laws around how long they should be driving and when, are a good idea, and they may feel comfortable with working longer hours or driving longer distances. It is up to you therefore, that your processes around tracking your driver’s work loads, and monitoring their driving activity are absolutely watertight. Drivers wanting to earn more money or who feel comfortable driving may want to ignore the laws, but they are in place for their security, and yours as a business, so make sure that they follow the law to a tee.


It should go without saying but there are many companies out there who simply do not put the time and effort into ensuring that their vehicles are fit for purpose. Not investing the time and money into checking the vehicles regularly could very easily result in costly breakdowns or even accidents, which could cause loss of stock, loss of time andĀ even injuries or deaths. Your company should have its own department of mechanics who regularly check the trucks to ensure that they are mechanically sound. Beyond the safety of the truck drivers, this is something which can also help your trucks to be more efficient, saving you money.

Avoiding Depression

Truck drivers can be prone to depression because of the long and solitary hours that they spend on the road. It is your duty therefore to do all that you can to help maintain the mental health of your drivers. Some positive ways to help your drivers is through healthy meal choices, regular contact during their time on the road or even allowing them to take their pets in the cab with them. Depression is heightened in this job role, and you must do all that you can to help them avoid it.