In the early 1900s the pickup truck was introduced but they weren’t really popular until around 1925. Supposedly trucks are more durable than cars and nowadays manufacturers are making trucks more and more luxurious. Both Ford and Toyota have entered the pickup truck market with their best versions, the Hilux and the Ranger. Is one better than the other one or are they about the same? Let’s dig in and find out.

Price Comparison

The Toyota Hilux base level trim UTE Hilux Workmate starts at $23,590.00 and the top of the line version UTE Hilux Rugged X(4X4) is $69,990.00. There are a few different versions of this Hilux:

  • Single Cab
  • Extra Cab
  • Double Cab
  • Hilux SW4

The price corresponds with the actual size of the vehicle. The Ford Ranger base level trim XL 2.2 LOW Rider is priced from $29,190.00 and the top of the line version Ranger Raptor 2.0 (4X4) is $77,190.00. There are also a few different versions of the Ford Ranger:

  • XL
  • XLS
  • XLT
  • Ranger Raptor

The costs of both vehicles are around the same price range with the base levels starting in the $20s and the top of the line trim levels ending in the $70s. The price comparison does not necessarily give either truck a leg up on the other since they are both in the same price family. The next comparison is the tow capacity of both of the vehicles.

Pickup Towing Capacity

When pickup trucks are purchased the buyer has one specific question, what is the towing capacity? Pickup trucks are used to tow things, whether it’s being towed on the bed of the truck or by attaching an object to the back of the truck. The maximum weight that can be towed is a key element on whether the truck will be purchased or not.

The towing capacity of the Ford Ranger truck is 3,500 lbs with 270 horsepower. The ranger has an option to include the tow package which includes a hitch and 4/7 pin connector and with the tow package the Ford Ranger can tow up to 7,500 lbs. The towing capacity of the Toyota Hilux is also 3,500 lbs with a little less horsepower at 201 horsepower.


When driving a pickup truck the driver is usually carrying precious cargo, whether it be people or things, they both need to be connected. The Ford Ranger has two-bed sizes, the SuperCab models have a 6-foot bed, and the SuperCrew models have a 5-foot-bed both allowing for large capacity cargo to be transported.

The Toyota Hilux has a truck bed system that offers a rollout from the tub that allows the owner to access cargo without having to climb onto the truck bed. Even though the truck bed of the Hilux may not be as spacious as the Ranger the ability to roll out the tub helps in many situations.

The Toyota Hilux dual cab offers five seats allowing for the seat base to fold up into one piece. The section can fit three child seats in the back allowing for the most precious cargo. The extra cab Hilux trim has four seats that are mostly used for pet transport because there are no child seat anchor points.

The Ford Ranger seats four small people comfortably in the standard SuperCab model. The SuperCrew model seats five people a little more comfortably since the truck is longer and there is more legroom for those sitting in the back.

Interior Features

The interior features of pickup trucks are now on par with luxury vehicles. Pickup trucks now come with leather seats, infotainment systems, and even heated steering wheels. The Ford Ranger has standard features of Wi-Fi hotspot, rearview cameras, touch screens that can connect with Apple and Android CarPlay. This pickup truck in particular even has blind-spot monitoring and lane departure warnings. The Toyota Hilux is not as electronically sound as the Ranger but, it is not completely lacking in that department. The Toyota Hilux also boasts an 8-inch touch screen with connectivity to Apple and Android CarPlay.

Both Pickup trucks need to be vetted before purchase. The buyer should definitely put together a wish list before buying to ensure the choice contains the most important aspects of a pickup truck. Price, towing capacity, space, and interior features are all important factors when buying a pickup truck. Most buyers have specific things that have to be included in vehicle purchases and now since pickup trucks are somewhat luxurious it has opened the door to a wider range of buyers.