When you’re a cook, you understand how to make the food taste good and look appealing. When you are a waiter, you know how to make your diner feel at home. When you’re an accountant, you instinctively balance the books. These are all necessary elements of establishing a successful restaurant, and careful attention should be given to them.

However, the design of the restaurant is just as important as all other issues; the customer isn’t just looking for great food at reasonable prices or good service. They want to have a memorable experience, and the design of the restaurant should never be underestimated. Here’s your ultimate guide to the best restaurant design.

Seating arrangement

It’s normal for a restaurateur to want to have as many seats as possible – seats (when filled) equal business and income, after all. However, you need to make sure that your staff can easily move around, that your customers can stand up without bumping into other people, and that the place can be maintained in an easy manner. A balance needs to be struck between the number of seats and the comfort of all.

Problem areas

Every restaurant will have tables that are more in demand than others – very few people are happy to sit near the kitchen or restroom doors, and even corners or center areas may be unappealing to some. These are problem areas and do require special attention. Dividers work wonders, and plants or tall screens and interesting wall designs help a lot, too. You can also opt for restaurant booths, which save space and are cozier, and there is plenty of restaurant booth seating for sale online in different designs and styles.

Heating or air conditioning

Nobody likes to eat with their coat on or feel like they have to take off their clothes to enjoy their meal. Temperature – by heating or air conditioning – should be set for customer comfort. Your staff (waiters) might be a tad too hot due to being on the move, and in the kitchen, it’s always hot, but the focus should be on your diners.


Kitchens tend to produce a lot of steam, smoke, and interesting smells – you don’t want to end up affecting your diner’s experience. Ensure great ventilation.


Often overlooked by many designers, the restroom is a very important place – make sure you get it right. Get the best bathroom partitions at One Point Partitions who offer the highest quality of partitions at the lowest possible price. The customer with an unpleasant restroom experience is not likely to return soon.

Once the basic design is configured, it’s time to design the walls, floors, ceiling, and the overall decorative scheme. The décor should reflect the theme of the restaurant – for example, wood and brown and red colors traditionally go well with a steakhouse, but a Greek mosaic or Egyptian wall-design doesn’t. It requires vision and practical thinking. Never forget: it’s all about the diners and the experience you give them.

Image: Pixabay.com