The growth in esports betting has been extremely fast, and with the lockdown measures across many countries affecting other regular sports from taking place, esports has found a little extra success as many turn to the games being played as another little escape. But with so many games out there, and over a decade of history for what can often be the same players and teams, it may be difficult to discover the best way to approach betting in this growing market – so we’ve put together some of the best betting tips.

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            Look at the stats – As mentioned there is over a decade worth of information for some of these games, there are even occasions where players have been playing professionally in the same game for the better part of a decade. There is a huge amount of resources available out there for the stat driven betters who like to have as much information as possible – a history of performances, strengths and weaknesses, as well as matchup statistics. For any serious better, this level of data tracking very much rivals traditional sports.

Get involved in the game – Many of these games are free to try, and have a relatively low barrier to entry. If you’re trying to find a game you enjoy and would like to bet on, the best way to go about it may be to play the game yourself and gain some understanding to better help you follow the professional games. This will also serve as an opportunity to help better appreciate the game being played – it’s difficult to appreciate something you may not fully understand, and this may be the first step to helping in that way, but to also help develop a sense of what may happen during the games as you watch them live.

Interact with the community – One of the biggest difference between esports and traditional sports can be found in the huge live interaction with the game community as the games are being played – there are opportunities to break off into smaller communities with software such as Discord where fan communities can grow, but getting involved in the live chat can also give insight to the games and players involved and may help sway your decision if you’re unsure where to start with esports betting with either the team or players you’re willing to support, or with which game you may actually begin betting on.There is also the option of choosing your betting site too – there are many of them available out there from the biggest names in the market to some of the more independent ones – operators who register outside of the UK are becoming more popular as they don’t have to register with gamstop which opens up opportunities for countries with restrictions – you can use these betting sites and casinos without a swedish license for example, many don’t require identification and allow you to bet anonymously through different payment methods. Look at reviews and testimonials amongst other esports fans to find the best site fit for you.