Vacation rentals have gained great popularity in the last decade and more people are shunning hotels in favor of a privately rented property or home. Websites such as AirBnb allow peer-to-peer rentals whereby people rent out their own houses or apartments for short term stays, this method of private rental has really struck a chord with holiday makers. There are also people like Brian Ferdinand Liquid Holdings’ president who works with vacation rental properties, this sector has also seen a dramatic rise in popularity as people seek something different than a hotel. Here we look at which is the best option for you, a hotel or a vacation rental.



The space that you pay for in a hotel is usually just a room and a bathroom, there are of course many areas for you to enjoy in a hotel such as the pool area, restaurant, public spaces and offices but these are shared spaces.

In a vacation rental, all of the space is your own from the living area to the kitchen, you can feel comfortable and relaxed in the knowledge that nobody can interrupt your space. Many private rentals offer their own pool, perfect for a secluded swim.


 To work out the best price option for you depends very much on how many nights you are going away for. If your plan is to go away for 2 or 3 nights then a hotel will give you far better value, the reason for this is that most vacation rentals charge discounted prices for longer periods of time.

If you plan to go away for more than three nights then the rental is the best choice for you and your wallet. Equally, if you plan on going away in a group or with a large family then a rental will also offer you the best value as the cost of individual hotel rooms will be far larger than the cost of a big property that accommodates the whole group.


Most hotels have restaurant options and a pool side snack bar where you can eat, many are also situated in busy areas surrounded by local restaurants and eateries giving you a great deal of choice for where to eat. With this however, comes the added costs of restaurant food and eating out in general.

 At a rental property, you of course still have the option of eating out in restaurants but with the added option of cooking at home. Cooking on your property can be done easily in fully equipped kitchens and barbecue areas. Cooking a few meals when your away can be a cost effective way of eating and having this option gives you the flexibility to eat when you want and what you want.


Hotels can offer swimming pools, tennis courts, bars, restaurants, work spaces and daily cleaning services that are designed to make the guest feel welcome. In a hotel setting you can also arrange tours and visits to local places of interest that you would have to arrange yourself in a vacation rental.

Private rentals often come with TV, free flowing wi-fi, DVD players and even games consoles meaning that there is plenty to do to keep you occupied on an evening. Cleaning will be your responsibility and any adventures that you want to do will have to be arranged by you. Less options on hand but far more flexibility.