Have you already planned for an international tour? If yes, then you must be surfing through the travel websites of the most popular travel agencies like Yatra just to buy the cheapest Chennai to Colombo air ticket at Yatra. However, are you worried at the same time that you will not get the visa on time? Then change your plans!

There are countries with offer a Visa on Arrival to Indians

Don’t be surprised when you read this because even if you are hearing it for the first time, you must be aware of the fact that there are quite a number of countries in the world barring the European countries who provide a visa to the Indians as soon as they set foot on their territories. So, drop your plan of getting the Chennai to Colombo air ticket at Yatra and change your course to any of these 5 countries where you would get equal or even more enjoyment.

  • The Terrific THAILAND: The glamour and the gorgeousness of Thailand are so vibrant that your eyes would definitely be blinded by its aura once you reach this country. So what if you can’t make out the head or tail of what the locals are saying? You can always use sign languages or hire a mediator to unearth the peace and serenity that lies underneath the cool blue sea while you dive down to make an acquaintance with the marine species or while you visit the traditional and architectural wealth of Thailand.

  • The Magnificent MAURITIUS: Mauritius is the perfect place for the honeymoon couples; but, even if you’re visiting the country with your family, you won’t get greater peace elsewhere in Africa. Once you visit Mauritius, you will be free to put on your swimsuit and splash into the sea to swim with the fish or go for some adventurous water sports that would try out how strong your heart is. In the beautiful green surroundings, whether you believe it or not, the fresh air would definitely heal your wounds both physically and emotionally.

  • The Beckoning BOLIVIA: With the great Amazon rainforest forming a green blanket against the contrasting Atacama Desert, Bolivia is a land of diversity. As you trek up the Andes Mountain Range, the spirits of the ancestors of the Inca civilization will lure you to the ancient remains to give you goosebumps while you capture the beautiful scenery on your camera held with trembling hands.

  • The Homely HAITI: Though Haiti is not a very popular tourist place, but if you visit the country even once, you would feel like settling there right away. The privacy, the soft, sandy beaches forming a cushion as you take a sunbath, the crystal-clear water making you forget the requirement of a mirror and the Gothic architecture is more than sufficient to sway you off your feet.

  • The Enchanting EL SALVADOR: What’s so special about this enchanted piece of land that had forced adventurers to search for the undiscovered wealth? Well, there isn’t gold or silver or diamonds hidden in its flora and fauna, but, the enchanting views that this country presents are more than sufficient to make a trip to this country promising. And, when you can trek to the mouth of the dormant and dead volcanoes if you are bored of cruises, what other adventure could you possibly crave for?

If these places sound so beautiful, can you imagine how you would actually feel once you visit them? Your jaws will be hanging with the best surprise of your life till date. So, get your smartphone, cancel your ticket from Chennai to Colombo air ticket at Yatra and book your next tour to any of these heavenly countries; and, don’t worry about the refund. Yatra would be ever ready to get you a ticket to your dreamland.