There are countless ways to make money online
Photo by CC user seoplanter on Flickr

Looking for ways to make money online quickly? In a day and age where the idea of digital nomadism has captured the imagination of cubicle prisoners everywhere, the urgency to escape has never been greater.

For those that are willing to put in the work, attaining this lifestyle has never been easier. Below, we will float five ideas that can help you attain this way of life for yourself.

1) Freelance writing

One of the easiest ways to make money online quickly is to take up a gig as a freelance writer. If you are a native English speaker, there is an endless amount of work available on the internet these days.

The amount you get paid will vary depending on the complexity of the material. If your assignment is strictly for SEO purposes, then your remuneration will be on the low side. If a decent amount of eyeballs are going to see the content, then the pay will be considerably higher.

2) Online gaming

Did you know it is possible to make money playing online games? Though it may seem like a pipe dream to some, those that put in the time to attain mastery can reap rewards in the long run.

Throughout the history of gaming online, those that have chosen their games well have earned considerable sums of money for their efforts.

However, if you just want to play as a hobby, then it won’t hurt to fire up a game every now and then, so long as you know your limits.

3) Web development

The internet continues to expand at a torrid pace across the world, increasing the demand for web developers of all kinds. Despite what you might think, you don’t need a bachelor’s degree in computer science to build web pages.

With a few months of dedicated study through websites such as Codeacademy, you can build your skills up to the point where you can charge a healthy amount of money in return for your services.

4) Affiliate marketing

Think that there is no money to be made through blogging? If you build up a following based on your knowledge base in a specific area, you can then begin to promote products that you know and trust.

Known as affiliate marketing, inserting links initialed with your account information will earn you money for every customer that buys a client’s product by clicking on it.

By making a convincing case to your reader’s to purchase these products, you can begin to build an income that you can live off of in as little as a year or two.

5) Selling products

Does the entrepreneurial spirit flow through you? If so, then making use of selling platforms such as eBay, Etsy and Shopify is one of the better ways to make money online.

If you are a creative person that loves to make crafts, Etsy is where you will want to market your creations.

If you have a physical product, Shopify offers the tools you’ll need to scale up your distribution quickly and efficiently.

If re-selling is your racket, then obtaining product and putting it up for sale on eBay is the quickest way to get started making money online.