Any of you small businesses owners are no doubt thanking those loyal customers of yours or getting you through the last 6 months, in what has easily been one of the most challenging conditions that we have ever seen. This is with good reason too as we have seen a large number of casualties in the small business world. The key now then is to ensure that your customers understand just how grateful your  business is for their continued support and there are a couple of reasons as to why. 

Many consumers have actually paid more money for items from small businesses when they could have looked to the likes of Amazon and saved cash, a bold move given the economic downturn. The need to show our gratitude is so that we can count on their ongoing support, especially with the possibility of another lockdown hanging over us like the sword of Damocles. The brilliant West Seegmiller is a genius when it comes to customers service and he is recommending creativity when you look to give something back. 

Buddy Up 

One great idea which Seegmiller discussed is to buddy up with another company to offer something special to your customers, and of course you can then extend your services or products to your partner’s customers. For example let’s say that you have a bakery which your loyal customers have still been purchasing from during this time, partner up wit a coffee shop to offer your customers great discounts on beans and accessories. It is nice to offer them a discount on your own goods of course, but this brings another angle to things and shows your customers that you have taken lengths to thank them. 

Surprise Gifts 

Once you are back on your feet, a surprise gift, even a low cost one, goes a very long way indeed. These are better when they are a total surprise and the truth is that nobody really expects to receive anything from a business which they use other than a thank you email, which of course is general worthless. In the case of the bakery for example, a small box with two macaroons inside is enough to show your gratitude, surprise the customer and ensure that they feel valued which then inspires them to come back again and again. 

Big Prize Lotto 

There is nothing wrong with turning your showing of gratitude into a marketing tool and that is what you will get with a big lotto style draw. Invest in one or two high level prizes and then add a multitude of smaller, low cost prizes too. Let all of your customers know that they have been entered into the ‘Thank You’ draw and then livestream the results. Even if customers do not win anything, they will recognize your business and its efforts to show them just how valued they really are. 

What other ways do you think you could employ to show your customers just how grateful you are for their continued custom?