Given the tech that we have at our fingertips in the , we are seeing more and more companies work with others, in delivering a high performing product. What this requires is the support of system integration companies who will work with all parties in making sure that the product is working exactly as it has been designed to. Today we are going to take a deeper look into exactly what system integrator companies are, and why the role they play is so critical for so many businesses around the world.

System Integration In a Nutshell

The best way that we can describe what these companies do is to look at an example. Let’s say that you use project management apps inside the business, to relay information between your tea, to stay on top of news and agenda items and to track progress on live tasks.

 This requires a whole host of systems coming together in one place, and this is where integration is necessary. This single dashboard will tie up your email accounts, it will use map data, calendars and cloud-based data storage to create the project management software. This combination of systems doesn’t happen automatically and that is why this kind of integration can help so much.

What System Integration Companies Will Do

In terms of the companies which offer system integration, they will work with their clients by reverse engineering the final product which they are looking for. To use the above example of project management software, the client will describe what exactly they want to deliver to their customers. The systems integration company will then look at exactly what systems have to be brought together, and how they will be able to both co-exist and co-depend within the finished software. Very often there are kinks when it comes to this as each individual application or system is not always designed to be able to work with another. Through the tweaking of the program and the use of APIs, the company will ensure that all systems are able to work together without causing any kind of problem.

Why System Integration Is More Popular Than Ever Before

System integration has been used for many years now, mainly within the fabrication and manufacturing process as these sectors have gone more automatic. What we are seeing now however is companies looking to harness apps which have been created, in order to package up multiple tools and deliver it as one. Look at something like Skyscanner for example, where you can search for flights, rental cars and hotels. That is nothing more than a dashboard which we can all use, which in fact is combining a huge array of apps, all speaking with one another, to deliver us the perfect return for our search.

As the world continue to become more digital, system integration companies are gong to be critical in delivering products which require combinations of systems and apps