Everybody enjoys a juicy, well-cooked, grilled burger. However, there’s a new burger gaining popularity among beef eaters: smashburgers. This post will explain what a smashburger is and how to make one at home.

What is a Smashburger?

Smashburgers are thin beef burgers cooked on a griddle. By pressing the burger onto the hot griddle with a spatula, the fats are slightly burned, creating a crispy texture. Just like with the traditional hamburger, smashburgers still maintain their juiciness and flavor in addition to the crust.

If you’d like, you can stack these thinner patties for a bigger burger. Smashburgers traditionally have a softer bun to complement the crispy texture of the meat. Here’s a step-by-step recipe to make them yourself.

Step One: Turn on your griddle.

If you want to get a nice crisp on your smashburger, you need to preheat your surface. The burger chain who popularized this cooking style is believed to heat their griddle so the patties cook at 385 degrees.

Step Two: Place your meat on the griddle.

Once you’re ready to cook your burger, you’ll need to to grab a small portion of meat and place it directly onto the skillet. You’ll then need to press your burger patty with a spatula.

Step Three: Flip the patties.

After a couple of minutes, your patty will have a nice crispy edge. This is a good time to flip your patty so it cooks evenly. This is also the perfect time to season your meat as it cooks. If you like cheese, you can add your cheese slices on the patty so they have time to melt. If you have a lid, add one for a minute.

Step Four: Build your burger.

Once your burger is finished cooking, it’s time to build. Smashburgers are usually served on a soft bread such as a potato bun. You can dress your smashburger with whichever ingredients you normally eat on a hamburger. Make sure you don’t slice them too thick or you’ll overpower the flavor of your meat. If you like a special sauce, you can make that and apply it to the bun before building.

Smashburgers are great, especially if you enjoy a blend of flavors and textures. Since everyone doesn’t have the opportunity to drive to one of the many burger chains that made this burger popular, this step-by-step recipe gives you the chance to make your own at home.

If you’re used to grass-fed burger patties, you should consider making an exception. To make a smashburger, you’ll need beef with at least 20 percent fat. That way, as the fat oozes from the beef, it immediately begins to crisp and lock in flavor.

Even if you’re not an expert at making burgers, following this cooking guide allows you to cook smashburgers like a pro. Before you know it, family and friends will show up to your house to fulfill their smashburger cravings.