What does your office desk look like? Do you like to keep things minimal or is it filled with trinkets and memorable items? Office furniture company Furniture at Work are running a small campaign at the moment and want to know what is on our desks here at All Peers HQ. I wanted to share with you then, a few items which occupy my workspace.

Bluetooth Speaker

I really struggle to work without some music on and so the perfect option to keep the beats going is a Bluetooth speaker which sits on my office desk. I like using an external speaker so that I can play music from a range of devices, plus it is far louder than any computer or phone speakers.


I have 3 photographs in frames on my desk, one is of my girlfriend, another of my sister and one of my Mum and Dad. I always want to do the best that I can for my family and so these serve as a tiny reminder of why I am working so hard.

Stress Ball

Without this little stress ball I’m not exactly sure where I would be, in a straight-jacket perhaps. I jest of course but this stress ball certainly helps me out when things get a little hectic and it takes pride of place on my office desk.


I always had a romantic idea of writing on a typewriter much like my favorite authors did before me, that was until I tried it out. As it happens typing on a typewriter is more trouble than it is worth, there is little room for error, the keys are clunky and difficult and the time which it takes to write a single sentence is ridiculous. And so whilst my dream of typing on the typewriter was over, I did realize just how cool it looks as an ornamental piece on top of my desk.

Rubik’s Cube

Apart from the stationary which I have on my desk, the only other item which I have is a Rubik’s Cube, a pesky puzzle which I haven’t been able to crack yet, and one which everyone else who works here seems to know how to figure out. I use this when I am thinking about something or trying to make a decision.

There you have it, the contents of my office desk, what is on yours? Have a look here at some of the desk spaces for various job positions.