In the developed world, it’s likely that there are very few remaining smokers who aren’t aware of the existence of vaping. Smokers have switched to e-cigarettes by the tens of millions – and if you have any friends who are nicotine users, it’s likely that several of them have made the switch as well. If you’ve been on the fence about switching yourself, maybe it’s just because you’ve been waiting for the right product to appear. It’s also possible that you’ve tried to research vaping in the past and have only walked away confused and unable to identify the one product that’s going to work for you.

Although the technology that underpins vaping has changed in some dramatic ways over the years, one thing has remained the same. The easiest way to switch to vaping is with a cigarette-shaped e-cigarette called a cigalike. Popular vape shops like V2 Cigs specialize in that type of e-cigarette, and this article will explain why, after all of these years, a cigalike should still be your first choice if you’re thinking about making the switch to vaping. This month is Stoptober, making it the perfect time to begin your journey into a smoke-free future.

A Cigalike Is the Simplest Type of Vaping Product

One of the most important aspects of switching to vaping successfully is choosing a product that’s easy to use. Cigarettes aren’t gadgets. You don’t have to adjust, troubleshoot or tinker with them. Unless you happen to be a gadget lover, you do not want to buy a vaping device that feels like one – you want one that’s as easy to use as cigarettes are.

To use a cigalike, you only need to do five things. Within a day, it’ll be second nature and will feel virtually the same to you as smoking.

  • Charge the battery by connecting it to the included USB charger and connecting the charger to your computer.
  • Remove the battery from the charger and connect a flavor cartridge.
  • Puff on the e-cigarette when you want to vape. The airflow sensor detects the change in air pressure, and the e-cigarette produces vapor. Inhale and exhale the vapor just like cigarette smoke.
  • If the flavor of the e-cigarette becomes weak, replace the cartridge.
  • If the e-cigarette stops producing vapor, charge the battery.

The short list above represents everything that you need to know in order to have a great vaping experience with a cigalike. There is absolutely no way to make vaping simpler than that.

A Cigalike Is the Least Expensive Way to Vape

You won’t find a vaping device anywhere that’s as inexpensive to own as a cigalike. That’s because cigalikes have been in constant production for more than a decade at this point, and the supply chain for cigalike-type devices is very much a well-oiled machine now. Factories are able to manufacture the batteries and cartridges – and fill the cartridges by machine – extremely quickly these days, which means that e-cigarette brands can get those products from their suppliers extremely cheaply. 

The fact that cigalikes are so inexpensive isn’t a matter of poor quality or of manufacturers rushing through the production process. It’s simply that the production of cigalikes is so streamlined and automated at this point that producing the products requires very little effort or manpower.

The fact that the refill cartridges for cigalikes are so inexpensive to produce and can be filled by machine means that the ongoing costs of owning a cigalike are also extremely low. If you’re willing to buy your refill cartridges in bulk, you can vape for as little as $1.00 per day. There is simply no cheaper way to vape.

A Cigalike Is the Only Type of Vaping Device That Feels Like a Cigarette

If you want to own a vaping device that truly feels like a cigarette in your hand and in your mouth, the only logical choice is to buy a cigalike. If the way a cigarette feels is an important part of the pleasure for you, then you need a vaping device that’s similar in size, shape and weight. You’ll only get that with a cigalike.

A cigalike is the only type of vaping device that you can comfortably hold between two fingers. It’s also the only type of vaping device that you can allow to hang from your lips if you like. Those are two factors that really enhance the enjoyment of smoking for many people, and you can only have those experiences with a cigalike.

Many companies also offer several types of carrying cases for their cigalikes. Some of the cases have flip tops like cigarette packs, and others slide open and closed. If an e-cigarette case has an internal battery, it can usually charge a dead e-cigarette battery several times, which is a great benefit for those days when you’re going to be out of the house for a while. Regardless of an e-cigarette case’s design or features, though, taking your e-cigarette out of a case before a vaping session feels like taking a cigarette out of a pack and can really enhance the verisimilitude of vaping vs. smoking.

A Cigalike Can Give You Many Different Experiences

One of the best things about cigalikes is that they can offer an enormous variety of different flavor experiences – even compared to other vaping devices with pre-filled cartridges or pods. Cigalikes can offer a wide variety of taste experiences because the automated cartridge filling process makes it trivial for factories to produce e-cigarette cartridges in many different flavors. 

That’s true even in the United States, where pre-filled e-cigarette cartridges in flavors other than tobacco and menthol are banned. E-cigarette companies simply offer as many different tobacco and menthol flavors as possible to ensure that their users will still have a great experience. Many e-cigarette cartridges are even compatible with several different brands’ batteries.

If you want to take your vaping experience with a cigalike even further and inject a bit of variety into your routine, many e-cigarette brands even offer empty mini-tanks that you can fill yourself. With a refillable e-cigarette tank, there’s no need to be constrained by the flavor limitations imposed in the United States. Since the flavored e-cigarette cartridge ban doesn’t apply to bottled e-liquids, buying a refillable e-cigarette tank means that you can use whatever flavor you like.