If you like to vape then you will no doubt have seen the wide range of options when it comes to the best tobacco E juice which is available to you. Beyond the fact that vaping is significantly healthier than smoking, it is tis range of flavors which you can find that makes vaping so unique. Unfortunately however, most people who do vape fail to really grasp the variety of flavors available and they will often stick to what they know. There is nothing wrong with this of course, but owing to the sheer amount on the market, there is no reason why you shouldn’t branch out a bit and see what flavors out there could float your boat. 

Sweet Tooth?

If you are someone with a sweet tooth then you’ll be pleased to learn that the options ahead of you here are incredibly vast. From caramel and chocolate to strawberry and watermelon, you can really satisfy that sweet tooth with your vaping choice. Now you may think that you don’t want to vape something sweet all of the time, which is perfectly understandable. Having said this, the beauty of vaping is that you can easily switch and change your flavors as and when you feel like it, and that means that you could simply switch to a sweet option once or twice a day. 

Minty Fresh 

Menthol has long been a favorite of cigarette smokers and it is no surprise that in the world of vaping, there is growing demand for this flavor in particular. Because of the flexibility which you get with vape juices however, there is not just one minty choice. Within the menthol category you could opt for spearmint or peppermint, minty chocolate or even a refreshing blend of multiple mint flavors. These flavors will hit you where you need, and leave that freshness in your mouth afterwards. 

Morning Time 

Not everyone enjoys vaping first thing in the morning but for those who do, there is a broad range of options for you. Coffee flavor vape juice for example could be just the right way for you to start your day, and give you that little buzz before you get started. Alternatively you may even find that cereal flavors are the right option here, which believe it or not have been recreated for those who love to vape. 


Many love the smell and taste of a cigar yet don’t enjoy the experience of actually smoking one. To those of you who fall into this category perhaps a cigar flavored vape juice could be the perfect option. That rich and refined cigar flavor has been turned into vape juice by many companies and this could be the perfect option for an after dinner vape. The quality of these products really is executional and will give you the sensation that you are smoking a real cigar. 

As you can see, there is a brand range of options if you wish to branch out and try a new flavored juice.