Amongst cigar smokers, the debate over the better type of cigar has been an enduring one. Some always lean toward hand-crafted cigars and others will rather have the machine-produced cigars. However, the greater majority do agree that the hand-crafted ones deserve the lord of cigars title. Perhaps if you have taken a smoke of each before, you would have an opinion as well. If you have not though, or are still in doubt, this article was curated for you.

Within, you will find some pretty sound reasons why hand-crafted cigars are the best cigars available. Let’s dive right in.

Quality over quantity

When it comes to making hand-crafted cigars, quantity is a top priority. However, the same cannot be said for cigars produced by machines. This is because in the machine-related process, in a bid to cut costs, make a profit and maximize production, some key ingredients are substituted. In addition, preservatives and a couple of other chemicals are introduced into the mix. None of that happens with a hand-crafted cigar. It is all the natural ingredients formulated in the right proportion.

The small stuff

Sometimes it is the little things that make the big stuff seem worth it. In this case, it is true. Things like fragrance, taste, and combustion process add to the overall smoking experience and are important. Hand-crafted cigars are made with hand-picked leaves. Now depending on the combination of specific leaves, taste, smell and combustion may differ.


Cigars are made of three key things. The wrapper, the filler, and the binder. Unlike machine-made cigars, these components are purely made of tobacco in hand-crafted cigars. Even better is the fact that hand-crafted cigars include long-filler leaves that run the length of the cigar stick. And the wrappers and binder are made with coarse tobacco leaves. Their appearance is also brighter in color than machine-made cigars.

The process

Many are big believers in “if it comes too easy, it is not worth it”. Some still adopt that ideology when choosing the cigar right for them. A lot goes into hand-crafting a cigar. It is no easy task. From carefully planting, nurturing, and harvesting to matching the variety of leaves with each other and the actual process, it can be described as an art. Not many people can do this. The effort, skill, and precision poured into this process, make it a valid reason for being a better choice.

If you are a fan, you can also probably count the smoking experience as one of the reasons too. Hand-crafted cigars do hit differently. After tasting hand-crafted cigars, some never go back to the machine-made cigars and it is not surprising. If you are still in doubt, you know what they say the taste of the pudding being in the eating. Check out some options by Churchill cigar. One cigar is usually enough to convince you.

After all is said and done, it’s entirely up to you to decide what type of cigar to go with.