Reputation Management

I work with a large number of small businesses and something which I often find myself discussing with them is their online reputation. You would be amazed at the number of small business owners who have mo idea what their online reputation looks like, nor what it can do for their company. I usually recommend a lot of small business owners to reputation management consultants who can help them to this end, and they are often blown away by the reputation management consultant reviews which they read. They will often come back and ask me if it is all true and when I tell them that it is they cannot wait to enlist their services. So why are they usually so positive? Let’s take a look.


The first thing to mention is that almost every single reputation management consultant that I have any dealings with have been absolute experts in their field. These men and women understand how the internet ticks, they fully comprehend search engines and how they can be manipulated, they know how to manage social media for the most successful result and most importantly, they understand the power of a reputation on a business.

Ease of the Job

Because of the fact that these men and women are experts, and because they see almost the same cases coming in time and time again, the job actually isn’t very difficult for them. Of course for simpletons such as you and I we may find what they do to be quite difficult but for these teams it is their bread and butter and there isn’t much that they cannot do when it comes to repairing or improving an online reputation.


Many review sites will feature largely negative information because human nature is such that we will complain about many things, but it will take something really impressive for us to wish to head online and tell the world about it. The beauty of what reputation management companies do for their clients is that a positive result means higher revenues, more profits and faster growth for their clients, now that is something worth shouting about. When their clients see the returns that they are beginning to make on their investment and they understand how powerful an online reputation can be, they instantly want to go to their review page and leave some positive feedback,

All Good News

In most cases these businesses come to a reputation management consultant following a crisis, social media backlash, negative reviews or even a smear campaign. Nine times out of ten the reputation management consultant is able to help their client which means that they can only deliver great news. If someone comes to you in a crisis and you cannot help then they are no worse off, if you are able to lend a hand even a little bit they will of course be over the moon.

Success s basically the reason why so many people are happy with this kind of service.