Chocolates are heavenly as they take you on a high. When you are feeling blue, a bar is chocolate is all it takes to make you feel better. When chocolates meet cakes (one of our favourite food items), the combination becomes perfect. Everybody loves chocolates and everybody loves chocolate cakes. You can buy one according to your taste and choice from the best cake shop in Singapore.

Do you love cakes to an extent that you are thinking of baking them at home? If you are good at baking skills and want to start a little bakery at home, that’s a good idea. It is pretty simple to start baking yummy cakes at home. If you do not want to make it then you can search for the best cake shop in Singapore.

Following are some easy chocolate cakes that you can bake at your home. If you have young kids, they are surely going to love you for being such a wonderful mom.

  1. If you are Looking For Step Cake but have no prior experience of the same, you should start with flourless chocolate cake. There are just 5 ingredients that you have to mix and your first cake will be ready. The ingredients are chocolate, butter, sugar, eggs and flaked almonds. This cake is quick and easy to make. If you want to please your kids with this simple cake, serve it topped with flaked almonds.
  2. Do you love relishing on chocolate cakes but worry about the gluten content? There are many people that are allergic to gluten-rich food. If you are one of them you should not worry anymore as the gluten-free chocolate cake is there for you. You would have to exclude the flour from the ingredients list and replace it with ground almond. Bake this cake in an oven and smother it with thick chocolate ganache. Sinfully irresistible! You can also buy them from the best cake shop in Singapore.
  3. If you do not have an oven in your home and your kids insist upon baking a cake, what would you do? You should not pull your hairs trying to find a solution but bake your cake in a pressure cooker. It is pretty easy to make cakes in a pressure cooker. The trick is simple. Mix all the cake ingredients and put the batter in a tin. Next, heat a pressure cooker without putting anything in it. After a few minutes, place the tin inside and cooker and cover the lid without creating any pressure inside. Leave on for 30 minutes in low flame and your cake will be ready.
  4. Are you Looking For Step Cake with a difference? If you want to eat a chocolate cake that is not like the regular ones you have then you should try the sour cream chocolate cake. When you are baking a cake, add some sour cream while preparing a cake frosting for the cake. You will get a moist cake that is chocolaty sweet and sour. Truly a chocolate cake with a twist!
  5. Do you want to surprise your kids with a river of chocolate when they break open their muffins? The chocolate lava cake is perfect to surprise your kids when they start eating their cakes. The lava will start flowing out of the cake as soon as they break a part of the cake to eat it.

Chocolate cakes are tasty and irresistible. There are several more recipes that will help you make delicious and finger-licking cakes. If you want to buy these cakes then you should look for the best cake shop in Singapore.