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Balanced diet is a key to healthy life because human organs and tissues need proper nutrition to work effectively. Failure to achieve balanced diet may result in diseases, fatigue, infections, and a decline in performance.

Protein is one of the important component of balanced diet. It helps in building muscle, repairing tissues, and making hormones. The added advantage of using protein powder is losing extra weight and calories. High protein and low carbohydrates seem to be the order of the day. The people these days are more concerned about their diet and weight. It is imperative for overweight people who are struggling with their weight loss campaign, to adopt high protein and low carbohydrates formula.

Body builders are regarded as the biggest fans of protein-based food items and products by Their most-loved diet is protein shakes. Although protein is important for every cell of the body but nails and hair are mostly dependent on protein. Protein is also considered as “macronutrient” just like fats and carbohydrates which means human body needs large amount of protein to perform at the optimum level.

Vitamins are minerals which are needed in small quantities in human body. They are considered as “micronutrients”. Another key benefit of making protein an important part of your daily diet routine is that human body doesn’t store protein just like fats and carbohydrates. Therefore you need to have protein in your daily diet to fill up the deficiency of proteins in your body.

As it is said, the excess of anything itself is a disease and same is the case with proteins. Many people think to take shortcut while adding protein in their daily diet by consuming proteins all day long. It is counterproductive. The fact of the matter is that we need less protein. If you want to eat more proteins, then it is better to get it from better food sources.

Now the question to consider is; how much protein is necessary for human body? There is a common perception that protein is vital for building muscles but this is not true. The only way you can build muscle is by exercise and workout. The importance of protein in a body is to function well and it doesn’t need huge quantity to perform this function. Increasing protein in human body through diet doesn’t mean that you are getting extra strength or power.

Following are some of the reason why you need protein in your daily diet:

  • Protein is important diet for building muscles, bones, hair, nails, cartilage and skin.
  • It is an important diet which your body needs to repair and build tissues.
  • Protein compound in red blood cells carries oxygen throughout the body. It also helps in supplying nutrients to your body as per its needs.
  • The use of proteins in daily diet helps in preventing constipation as it aids in digesting food, making new cells and body chemicals.
  • It also helps in regulating hormone especially during the development and transformation of cells during puberty.

Best for Post-Workout

Proteins can help you in early recovery after exercise or injury. It reduces muscle loss and build lean muscle. It helps in countering craving for hunger and maintain a healthy weight. Protein and fiber keeps our stomach full longer, which means that we don’t feel the urge to eat as often. This also helps to keep weight down while fueling our cells with the right nutrients they need.

Boosts Metabolism in Human Body

Proteins also boosts metabolism and increases the fat burning in your body. The regular intake of proteins increases the number of calories you burn. It also helps in keeping your blood pressure to low as high blood pressure may result in heart attacks, strokes and chronic kidney disease.

Sources of Protein

What are the important sources of protein which we can include in our daily diet? The food items which have proteins are easily available in our daily routine life. The food items like meat, fish, milk, soy, eggs, beans, legumes and nut butters are some of them.

Milk is the most common and comprehensive food item which has a high quality protein and it also contains all the amino acids. If we summarize it, protein derived from animal sources like milk, eggs, meat is complete and boasts high quality. It all depends on your body as which combination of protein food items it will handle and adopt.

The other common food items which contain good amount of proteins are poultry, dairy items like cheese, yogurt, seeds, oats, and nuts etc. Some grain and cereal-based products are also good option to add into your daily diet.

There is a misconception that protein items are costly and are not affordable for everyone. But if you observe some of the above items, you can say that most of the items are not only easily affordable but can become part of daily routine diet. It is up to you which combination of protein items you can include in your daily diet routine. The bottom line is, adding more protein foods in your diet has many health benefits and there is no substitute to it.