Working online really does have its perks and the large majority of people who do so are working in a freelance position. Because of the way in which the world works since the dawn of the internet, this is a great way for so many people to work remotely. There are all kinds of businesses which need writers and graphic designers, editors and marketeers, and all of that can be done under a freelance situation. Freelance work is great for businesses as they don’t have to employ people full time or pay additional benefits. As the brilliant Will Sherlund often discusses, freelancing is also amazing for those who work in this world, and here are just some of the benefits.

Location Independence

There is no doubt that one of the biggest benefits of those who work freelance is that they can work from just about anywhere in the world. Thanks to the globalization of the internet, we can connect to anyone, from anywhere. Occasionally of course there will be meetings to be had, but beyond that, there is absolutely no restriction on where freelancers can be.

Working Freedom

Another great perk of this kind of position is that you will have the freedom to work whichever hours you like. You can work throughout the middle of the night or at any time during the day should you wish. As long as work is completed by the deadline, no client cares at which time you are working. This is great for those with kids, who are going to be able to have the flexibility to care for their kids and to still work when they need.

No Permission

Freelancers can work whenever they want, they can take time off if they want and they can make themselves unavailable whenever it is needed. This means no more asking bosses for time off and being refused, it is an easy life and it means that you can be incredibly flexible with whatever you have going on.

No Ceiling

As a freelancer there really is no ceiling on how much money you can earn, there is no limit to your potential and there is no reason why you cannot make big bucks. Of course the only limit which you do have is the amount of time in the day, but you are going to be able to maximize that as much as you see fit.

No More Commuting

No matter whether you cycle, take the bus or walk to work, this will no longer be something which you have to do. No more waiting in traffic, no more spending money on transport. You can work from a coffee shop or library if you want, but you can go at times which aren’t rush hour, to make sure that you are in a great frame of mind when you do get started on the job.

There are untold benefits to being a freelancer and everyone should give it a go.