Many of us have been there, that awful moment when it dawns on you that you have a paper due in the coming days, and in our wisdom we opted to go out for those parties and paid no mind at all to our studies. Then after the fun comes the cold hard shock and the realization that within just a few short days you must lash together something passable like perhaps, a research paper. In times like these it’s important to stay calm and get focussed, if this awful fate befalls you then here are some tips to getting that paper completed quickly.



Obviously the basis for any research paper is cold, hard facts, these will be the ammunition that you will use to win this war. The best way to start any research paper is to compile a list of important facts on your subject that you can use, it will then be your responsibility to pad these facts out with conjecture and opinion but it is in the facts that you will find the nucleus of your arguments and propositions.


As with any article writing it is imperative that you have a solid structure to stick to, planning this beforehand will help you greatly during the writing process. Obviously you will require the usual introduction, body and conclusion but you need to think about what those will contain. A good introduction not only introduces the theme of your paper but should also ask questions that will be later discussed. The main body of the piece should include a 2-sided argument and plenty of info to back it up. The conclusion should round the piece off with opinions, answers to the questions asked in the introduction and possibly some open-ended questions to finish with.

The Research

If you’re looking for quick fixes then be thankful that you are living in the digital age, a simple search online for your chosen subject will yield thousands of results for you to use in your paper. You can even find research papers that have been written about your subject, these can be like finding treasure as you can paraphrase points that others have already made to fill out your paper. Also, you may get GRADE research paper writing help on if you are really stuck. Remember that if you do use the work of others to help you in your time of need that it is essential that you change the wording significantly. If you fail to do this then you may get caught out for plagiarism which will mean that the time that you have spent putting your piece together will be entirely wasted.


If you are truly desperate and simply don’t have sufficient time to complete your paper then you have two options, ask for an extension from your university, perhaps tell a white lie to get this granted or alternatively, you could pay someone to write it for you. There are great websites where you can hire an online essay writer to complete your task for you, simply arm them with the information that they will need and sit back whilst a professional completes your piece for you.